Now tell me. What happened?
I don’t really remember any of the details. It’s all over the place.

It’s okay. Just tell me what you remember. We’ll piece it together later.
I don’t know if we can. But okay. I remember that I was running through this forest with my navigator. I don’t remember who she was but I do remember that she was really good at what she did. She found the path and took me through it really quickly. I didn’t know if anybody was ahead of us. I just followed her. Tunnels, jumping pedestals. I remember crossing a river. Then there was another body of water which we had to cross and she found this tree, cut it down and put it over the water. We ran on it carried it for crossing other stream as well. As I said, she was good. I regret that I can’t tell you her name. I just don’t remember.

Okay. What happened after that?
We came across a jumping pedestal we used earlier. I thought we were going in circles but I was wrong. There was a path ahead I didn’t see before. I guess it was inaccessible from the other side. We ran through it to find this pyramid like structure. I realized that we were kind of late when I saw that some guys were climbing the structure. She told me to get to the top as fast as possible. I did. I couldn’t believe how I fast I was. She was giving me instructions through an earpiece as I was climbing. The building was very old. The roof had multiple sections and a few guys were already running around searching for the emerald. I was standing on a section of the roof scanning the area. I couldn’t find it. She was asking me to look for it more. I ran to the edge of the roof and started running towards the middle. I stopped when I got to the center. I looked around a bit more and realized that I was standing right on top of it. I reached down to grab it and so did another guy. He touched the emerald as I did, but I managed to get it out of the holder first. It was round and looked like a cat eye. It wasn’t very shiny as I expected. And then just like that the competition was over.

So you won?
Sort of. They claimed that we were joint winners. We got down from the building and walked towards the entrance.

Was your navigator there?
She wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened to her. I didn’t hear her over the earpiece either. I guess I should’ve looked around for her but it didn’t occur to me at that time. I don’t really remember how I got in to the building. Maybe I looked for her or talked to her at that time? I don’t know.

It’s okay. Carry on.
So we went into this ritual chamber. It was all gold inside. Magnificent sculptures. Paintings. There was a gold lion in the middle with crystal teeth.

Just tell me what happened. Decorations don’t matter.
We were asked to walk through this ornate floor. I was careful not to step on the glittering carpet. We arrived at a large table. A crowd was gathered around it. We walked up to the table and waited there.

Who do you refer to as ‘we’?
The other winner and myself.

Then what happened?
The then head priest arrived. He greeted us and I gave him the emerald. He said that it didn’t have much of a value since it didn’t contain any data. But it was very old and I assume it was the significance. Our details were given to the priest and he saved our details on two glass cards. We had to submit our DNA samples afterwards. I didn’t really hesitate when they took the samples. They put some chemical on my tongue that tasted of metal and my card was locked with my DNA and my fingerprint. The other winner was a bit hesitant but in the end he had to do it anyway. He didn’t look very happy.

I think I know about this process. Please continue.
I saw two files been thrown on the table. I clearly saw my name on one so I realized that they were files containing our identities. I was supposed to take it with me but apparently I forgot about it.

Why did you forget that?
I don’t know. That part is not clear.

Don’t worry about it. Just focus on what you remember.
So I was back at my camp. It was night time and I was looking at the mountains in the distance. I didn’t see anyone around me. Not even my navigator. What happened to her? Why can’t I remember what happened to her? I remember her turning around and smiling at me as we went through the jungle… She was really good at it.

Please focus. Tell me what happened next.
Okay, okay. I was standing in the moonlight, enjoying the breeze. It felt like a normal night but it was too quiet. I didn’t pay attention to it and just decided to calm myself. That’s when it started.

What started?
The attack. They came from the hill above the camp. Hundreds of attackers with the faces covered in black masks. Someone got to the alarm as it started, fortunately, and everybody was awake in an instant. Fires broke out in the storage areas and most of my people were fighting back. They were attacking us with blades. Not guns. I thought it was peculiar but I didn’t give much thought to it.

I was at the control center when Damien, one of my closest friends at the camp came running to me. “You have to get out of here as soon as possible” he told me. I don’t know why he said that because he was aware of the rules. I tried to tell him that I couldn’t do that. But just as I opened my mouth an attacker jumped on him. They started wrestling as I stood there. The attacker managed to overpower him and Damien was on the floor. As he was struggling the attacker pulled out a black knife. I remember the following events only as a dream and I don’t know why that is. I should’ve been helping Damien. Slitting the attackers throat or something. But I was just standing there. I was dazed. I couldn’t move. Damien’s eyes were filled with fear as he looked at me. He wanted me to leave. “You have to go!” he yelled. Then the attacker stabbed him. In the eye. In his right eye.

The knife went through his eye as if there was nothing there. You wouldn’t believe how bloodcurdling his scream was. Utter agony. It didn’t get better. The attacker oscillated the knife and his screams got worse.

You couldn’t do anything?
Don’t ask me why I didn’t do anything. I was mad with fury and I wanted to crush that bastards eyes and break his neck. But I couldn’t move. I could see everything, but I couldn’t do anything.

The attacker pressed his knee against Damien’s chest and rotate the knife inside his eye socket. Then his scream stopped. I assume he passed out. The attacker got up and turned towards me. I know I couldn’t moved so I was expecting the worst. But it didn’t happen. Giant came running towards the control centre and tackled the bastard to the ground. Giant was too powerful for the attacker and after about four punches from Giant’s fist and a control center display through his head, he was on the floor. Giant walked towards me and asked if I was okay. I think I nodded. Then he went to check up on Damien. I saw he was awake my now. He was removing the knife in his eye by himself. There was blood all around his head. Giant took the attacker to Damien and he proceeded to strangle him while telling something to Giant.

Giant urged me to leave at once. I didn’t know why they were insisting but I figured there had to be a good reason. So I took the secret exit from the control center and went towards the gate. Jerry was waiting for me there. He knew about my identity report. “Come quickly. We have to get the report and get out of here. My report is also there” he said. I trusted Jerry. He was loyal. Just like Damien and Giant. I got on his bike and we went towards the old building where the emerald was hidden. It was already a war zone when we got there. Hundreds of bodies were on the grounds. The building was also on fire. Jerry maneuvered the bike through the maze of corpses and stopped near the entrance. “Hurry up!”

I got down from the bike and ran through the entrance. I got to the ritual chamber and it was already on fire. I ran to the table I saw before and it was empty. I turned around to ask Jerry what we should do. But he wasn’t there.

That’s it. That’s all I remember. Then I woke up here.

I see. Are you certain that it’s all you remember?
Yeah. There are lots of blanks in my memory still but I remember these somewhat clearly.

You said ‘your people’ were fighting back?
Yes I did.

Would it be safe to assume then that you were the leader in your camp?
I believe so. I was the one who acquired the emerald. I even knew about the secret exits in the camp.

Good. I think that will be all then.
Okay (sighs) Now what happens? Will I get my memory back?

It will take some time to answer that. But now you should get some sleep. We have a few tests to run on your brain to find out what’s wrong.
That’s good to hear. I know you are doing everything you can. Thank you for that.

Don’t worry about it. You are most certainly welcome. This is one of the top medical centers in the world. We do this everyday.
…and with that everything went black.

The man walked through the high security door. Someone was waiting outside. He greeted the man with a salute.

“Great work, Jerry”.

“Just doing my job sir.”

The man smiled at him and kept on walking. He walked past a few prison cells, checking a checkbox on his tablet calendar. He noticed a woman in one of the cells. She had her face pressed against the bars and was crying as tears streamed down her face.

“Jerry you bastard…”

Based on a dream I saw this morning.

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