Happy New Year and Ubuntu 7.10

First of all, I must wish you all a happy new year! Thanks guys, for sticking with me and my blog, and encouraging me with your comments. It’s been a pleasure writing this blog since you have always been kind, friendly and supportive. So a new year begins, and I hope to write more and more rich content for your pleasure and knowledge.

So, the new year began and I got the Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) cd’s today. 😀 I didn’t install them yet though. I ran the Live CD and it was just awesome. The first thing I noticed: It was fast! Well I tried the previous version of Ubuntu (7.04 Feisty Fawn) but I didn’t like it. It felt kinda slow and it wasn’t responsive. I tried to find why, but couldn’t. I thought it was something wrong with my PC. Even switching tabs in Firefox was slower. So I removed it.

Gutsy Gibbon was released a few months back I guess. With lots of features it looked promising. So I requested some cd’s from the Ubuntu’s ShipIt service. It took about 20 days to arrive. Got to install it today. I’ll update you guys with the latest info.

And again, Happy New Year guys! 😀

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