Guys, Help me to Choose a Phone!

Okay Guys, here’s the problem: I need a mobile phone and I’m having some tough time choosing one. 😀 Maybe you can help. Well, I need something extremely cheap (below 15k) What I need is a Phone that’s extremely slim (Like Motorola F3, Samsung X820 etc.) with a TFT Screen, MP3 Ringtones Support and a pricetag below 15k. I’ve no intention of listening to music with it but I need mp3 ringtones. Camera is not required. So do you guys have any recommendations???

I did some googling and one I found was the Nokia 2760 – What do you guys think? Write in the Comments. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Guys, Help me to Choose a Phone!

  1. Nokia 6030.

    Lovely phone. Used it for ages before moving onto a Nokia 5410i, and then to a Samsung D600, and then to the current Nokia 5300. Still miss the 6030.

  2. One of my friends have one and it’s quite ok and has good features for the price.

    I wouldn’t say the Nokia 2760 is slim. It is thick.

    Check the specs on the page you have linked to: Nokia 2760 is 20.7 mm thick.
    Samsung X820 is 6.7mm thick.

    I think you can start at: and check the phones less than the width you want with mp3 tones. I only got 26 results for less than 10mm with mp3

  3. Hmm… 6030 isn’t bad but it lacks mp3 and the screen is STN.

    Yeah, 2760 is thick, I didn’t notice that before.

    Got another reccomendation from a friend, Nokia 2630 – looks good. Might wanna try it out. Any comments?

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