What?? I have a Twin Brother???

Now this was really awkward. I never expected something like this. I mean NEVER. This guy came to our place today, and it was really weird. He looked exactly like me!! 😯 “What an earth?” I thought. “He talks like me, he walks like me, he wears like me. What is going on here?” Then I began to think that something fishy is going on here. Should I call the police? Did anyone invent instant cloning? Something like in The 6th Day? I don’t know.

Better talk with this guy first. I greeted him and invited him for a picture with me. Luckily, this guy accepted. But I noticed that he was a bit skeptic about this photography thing. Well, nevermind. Here’s the picture below. What do you guys think? Strange, huh?

Malinthe’s Twin

Just Kidding! Actually, it was Photoshop 😆
Ah I just love Photoshop. 😉

4 thoughts on “What?? I have a Twin Brother???

  1. මම හිතුවෙ මල්ලී කියලා, ඇයි මේ ලමයා මට මල්ලි කෙනෙක් ඉන්නවා කියලා කිව්වනෙ දවසක්, මම මුලින්ම හිතුවෙ නිවුන්නුම තමයි කියලා, නියමෙට හදල නම් තියෙනවා මල්ලි

  2. අහා 😀

    ඊලඟ වතාවේ "සහෝදරයට" වෙනත් ඇඳුමක් අන්දවන්න. එතකොට නරඹන අය තව ටිකක් වෙලා "ඇඳගෙන"ඉන්නවා. 😉

  3. මරු , හොදට හදලා තියෙනවා. කම්මැලි කම බේරෙනවා. 🙂

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