Calling all Bloggers for the Sinhala Blog Marathon!

Okay guys, I’m sure that you’ve heard about the Sinhala Blog Marathon. It’s gonna be a really cool event, which of course happening in Sri Lanka for the first time. (Actually, in the world – ‘coz it’s Sinhala)

Remember the Date, April 18 – Remember the Time, 8.00PM – we’re gonna blog for 24 hours! 8)

Come to now and register your blog. If you need support on Sinhala Unicode Installations, please visit this page.

But remember, This is not a competition 🙂 We’re doing it basically to get to know each other, spread the usage of sinhala in the internet, popularize sinhala unicode and of course to have fun!

So why wait? Join now!

And yeah, get a Badge! Spread the Word!

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