iPhone 3G

Yup, the long awaited iPhone 3G was announced yesterday (or is it today?) However, this 3G baby will be coming on July 11. It’s not gonna be coming to Sri Lanka soon I guess, too bad. Ah but it will be coming to India. Here is the list of countries

So the iPhone will be low in price this time. 8GB=$199 and 16GB=$299. Wow. Buyers will have to sign a 2 year agreement. The consumer data plan will be $30 per month with unlimited data 👿

Well there’s UMTS, HSDPA, GSM, Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPS, and Bluetooth 2.0. Everything you need. 🙄

Hope it comes to Sri Lanka. I’d love to get my hands on one. No point of explaining the details ‘coz everything can be found at the Apple website. But beware, you might drool all over the keyboard 😉

Apple iPhone

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