He woke up with a start. After hitting the shower he cooked his laptop and ate it. He liked it because he smothered it with ketchup.

It was a holiday so he thought he should go for a walk. He opened his bedroom window and jumped out of it.

He fell six stories to the ground. His legs were broken and bones were sticking out from his wounds.

The sun was shining and the birds were singing. The city was busy even though it was a holiday. People were staring at him as he walked towards the park. He left a trail of blood everywhere he went.

He bought an iPod from a nearby Apple Store for lunch. He wasn’t able to cook it so he just ate it as it was. He thought it was delicious and he was happy.

He didn’t have anything to do. So he just walked on until he got hit by a car. His broken legs turned into a pulp as heavy vehicles went over them.

He went home as the night fell.

For dinner, he baked his router. He drank a whole bottle of diesel and for dessert he had made a pudding with his keyboard.

He was happy.

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  1. A little disturbing. I think you need to move away from the computer to a real vacation. Preferably to a place with no internet too.

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