Do you know that feeling?

Old TelevisionYou’re 8. It’s almost midnight. You’re watching a movie on an old 14″ color TV. The movie you’re watching is not critically acclaimed. Heck, it even might be one of lowest rated movies ever. Why else would they show it on a national television channel? They never show you good movies do they? But you don’t care. You don’t even know if it has bad ratings. You don’t even know what ratings are. IMDB probably doesn’t even exist. Rotten Tomatoes? Pfft.

But you’re having fun. You’re excited. Your eyes are glued to the that miniscule screen. All the sounds pour into the room by two tiny speakers enclosed in the TV. Music, dialogues, gunshots, explosions! The floor doesn’t rattle. Your chest doesn’t rumble with bass. You’re on the edge of your bed, because you don’t know that you have vision problems. Your heart rate is high, adrenaline courses through your veins. You feel cold. The movie is at it’s climax. The hero shoots. The criminal is dead. The world is saved. You turn off the TV. You go to bed, smiling. You fall asleep. Happy. Content.

I miss that feeling.

It’s gone. Probably forever.

1 thought on “Do you know that feeling?

  1. nostalgic huh? that’s a pretty strong feeling to shake off. and you’re right those days are gone fore sure.. even watching a movie isn’t simple anymore.. lost of choices, video qualities and all that 3d stuff.. it’s all getting complicated everyday, hence the feeling of nostalgia.

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