A Laptop

I remember the first time I saw a proper laptop. It was at an IT exhibition at my school in Kandy. I walked into the main hall and the floor was filled with various tech related exhibition stalls. I walked over to one of the stalls and there they had a few laptops on display. As I remember, they were running Windows XP. (I was using 98 at that time.) I was fascinated with the thing. The screen looked bright and dreamy and I touched the touchpad and saw the cursor move. It felt warm and I was happy. I pressed a few keys and then walked away.

2 thoughts on “A Laptop

  1. I remember the first time I saw Linux (Knoppix), at the book fair. They were burning it on to disks and selling for the price of the CD. I regretted not getting one for such a long time. 🙁

    And look at what we’ve become. A mac user and a #! user. 😀 The sense of wonder might be gone but our old selves might be pretty proud of what we’ve achieved? 😛 #optimistic

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