I am a bird.

Then I flew through the window. A shower of glass shards followed me. As I hurtled down with the wind in my hair, I wondered about what it means to die. The humiliation was just too much to bare. Sure, you would say a hall full of people laughing at you would not be a reason to kill yourself. But you don’t know me. I have a sensitive heart and it doesn’t like humiliation. At all. I probably should’ve seen a shrink but who has the time for that? Running around the world, giving lectures and meeting strangers, sleeping on a new bed every two three days. I don’t even have time to call my publisher and my best friend Jerome.

“Garry, it’s London next week. Pack your bags son because they are paying bags of cash for you!” He would tell me. A few more days and I find myself in the all too familliar aircraft, cruising to London.

But that was sometime ago. This was Sydney. The fast approaching ground was a street in Sydney. I could see cars and taxis crawling in the evening traffic. People rushing to their homes or pubs or whatever on foot. Oh god I hope I don’t crush a poor soul to death. What a mess that would be. Pieces of bones and our blood mixed together in a gory soup of death! The people who would be called to clean that up would curse at me. Not to mention the family of the crushed. I certainly don’t want to be that guy.

I was almost at the end now. I saw a few birds flying by as I was on my death run. I saw my own reflection on another building. I thought I saw my terrified face.

To my great relief, the ground was empty when I hit it. The man who was at that location had moved so I didn’t have to worry about killing him. My face was crushed on the concrete panels, spilling blood all over the place. My neck cracked. My arms changed their original position and went flying backwards. I’m pretty sure that my pelvis was shattered to a million pieces. A woman was screaming. Some men came running. Most of the people looked terrified. But there was one guy that looked familliar. I’m pretty sure he was at my lecture moments ago because he was actually laughing and yelling at his friend. “Dude! That’s the guy who peed on himself!”

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